Bomb Day In Paris

Wayne Kramer
Lingua: Inglese

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Album "Citizen Wayne"
Citizen Wayne

"[...] Gli estremisti, i fondamentalisti soltanto fanno su piccola scala [around the corner] ciò che i governi fanno a livello planetario [...]"
On the subway platform
near the trash can
arm fragments point out
a fine spray
on the token booth
it’s bomb day in Paris

It’s bomb day in Sri Lanka
two bombs kill 50
train interior littered
with blood and papers

Bomb day in New York
smoke faced workers
outraged FBI officials
what if they
really had knocked down
the World Trade Center?

But it didn’t turn out the way
they planned.
never does.
Bomb day in Atlanta
what a surprise
blowing the image
of a peace loving society
noooo, this is not Belfast
noooo, this is Oklahoma City

This mayhem ain’t just nut cases
with a knack for making fertilizer blow up
bombs have always been part of the deal in America
and the rockets red glare,
the bombs bursting in air
the Bronx bombers
the brown bomber
the 50-yard bomb

Phyllis Schlafly says, the
atomic bomb is a marvelous gift
from a wise God
26,000 in the world today
America has the most
hot doggie

Soooo, why wouldn’t this
index of violence
show up in Atlanta?
or Leeds? or Paris?

only do around the corner
what governments do around the planet
bomb loving leaders get
bomb loving citizens

O say can you see?
it’s bomb day in Paris…

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