Coalition of the Willing

John Warner
Lingua: Inglese

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Scritta il 24 febbraio 2003. Grazie a John Warner per il suo permesso di aggiungerla alle "Canzoni contro la Guerra/Antiwar Songs".
We're not willing to kill,
We're not willing to die,
We're not willing to be silent
While you threaten and rage and lie,
We're not willing to slaughter millions,
For the good of a greedy few,
Whatever our pitiful leaders say,
We're not willing to fight for you

Were you willing to stand by Timor's folk
When they voted to be free ?
Are you willing to spend the billions needed
On a cure for HIV ?
Are you willing to ban the land mines,
That leave little children maimed ?
Are you willing to give the folk of Chile
The justice they have claimed ?

Are you willing to sign Kyoto's rules
Before the ice-caps flow?
Are you willing to free all the poor, black men,
Who've lived ten years on Death Row?
Are you willing to bow to justice's head
In the International court?
Are you willing to compensate the bereaved
In the lands where your troops have fought?

Are you willing to scrap your nuclear weapons,
Since you have the largest store?
Are you willing to let the world inspect
And destroy all your tools of war?
Are you willing to give up the role you claim
Of being the planet's police?
Are you willing to let us live our own way,
And let us all live in peace?

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