Stop That

Yothu Yindi
Lingua: Inglese

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(Yothu Yindi)
(Yothu Yindi)
(Yothu Yindi)

Everyone is happy, people feeling good.
Dancing in the town and on the street in my neighbourhood.
So we walk outside take a little ride down to the beach on a low tide,
and watch the sun come up.
Complicated situations outright war in many nations.
Gotta stop that. Gotta stop that.
Yeah and the garbage that`s left behind, industry, religion and crime.
Gotta stop that oh we gotta stop that.

Aahhh ah ah ah la la la la la lala la la
Yakka diyandubala - yakka yallala, yakka diuangubala - yakka yallala

Move into the future who knows what we get.
Hundred dollars richer or a million dollars debt.
Were we at a party.
Was it just a dream?
All the worlds around us and nothing in between.
With a love like that the planets stood still and whispered, in my ear
you`d better stop that you`d better stop that.
Yeah don`t look now they`re doin`t it again.
The trees have disappeared.
Gotta stop that gotta stop that.
Right now.

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