Dark Ages

World Entertainment War
Lingua: Inglese

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Album "Give Too Much", che contiene brani dell'unico precedente lavoro dei WEW, il self titled del 1991, piĆ¹ alcuni altri sempre risalenti ai primi anni '90
What time is it, boys and girls?
It's time for the Dark Ages!

Your nightmares and traumas
can make you rich and famous
Commercials can teach you
all that you need to know
Kiss my flag Don't look back
The past is gaining on us
Read my lips Watch my hips
These are the Dark Ages

George Orwell's dream came true
But no one realizes
It crushed us so nicely
with so much wit and style
Entertainment might as well be
just like a rocket launcher
Too bad it's in the hands of the enemy
Nobody believes me
And so I know that I'm right
Charisma addiction gives me a deja vu
Is this like Germany in the 1930s?
Do we have to live through the apocalypse again?

Might be the Dark Ages
But we're so happy
Happy to be here today

You never know when you
might have to face the censor
So I don't pretend to
want to make too much sense
Revolution on TV
in far-off distant countries
Too bad it's just another mini-series here
Nobody believes me
And so I know that I'm right
Charisma hangover
has got to wear off soon
Could this be like Eastern Europe
in the 1990s?
Will we ever get a chance
to have Perestroika here?

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