Free Palestine

Doc Jazz
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: The Musical Intifadah [2003]
Don't you think I see that my enemy
Have more guns than me
And more Apaches than me
And more money than me
And stronger friends than me
Or do you think I don't know my enemy?

My enemy is about the power of GREED
While this world has so many mouths to FEED
Always taking never giving looking for a good living
For themselves but never for the people they’ve been killing

So you wants be friends with my enemy?
I advice you to become friends with me
cuz at least I know what justice means so I will never harm you
The culture of my ancestors will definitely charm you
What do you think would come from the cradle of humanity
The womb of mankind has produced its own prosperity…

Don't support the war machine, a machine of destruction
Killing anything and everything for its own production
Don't forget that every single day another victim falls
And this tragedy must end just listen to our calls

I'll keep holding on
Until the walls come tumbling down
And freedom is all around ...

[Free Palestine…]

Everywhere I go my name causes suspicion
Is this is a terrorist talking or is he really a physician

Don't you know a Palestinian is just another human
And a peace loving mother and a father and a child
Don't you know were not terrorists, were targeted by terrorists
And the one with the gun is right on the other side

Don't tell me your eyes didn't see that wall
Don't tell me your ears didn't hear our calls
Don't tell me Rachel Corrie was killed by an accident
'cause everyone knows they were making her a precedent

We don't forget those heroes the heroes of our time
In a time where Greed is at the height of its crime
The ones who gave their lives for Palestine
Are forever in our hearts and in our minds

[Free Palestine…]

I'll keep holding on
Until the walls come tumbling down
And freedom is all around ...

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