November 8th, 2004

Ryan Harvey
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Soldier By Soldier [2007]
They descended on the city
Tried to send Marines inside
The people fought them back with rockets some wouldn't make it out alive
They'd heard what they had done in Baghdad
They'd heard how they shot to kill
They'd heard the news from other cities
How the hospitals we're filled

They'd heard from Samarra
How they'd come from all around
How they'd formed a wall around them
How the snipers shot them down
How they'd sent the population
Fleeing for their lives
How they'd swept the streets for prisoners
How they'd cut the water lines

People knew that it was coming
There was talk of something worse
As the city braced for murder
The army took it's course
Folks rushed in with medicine
Tried to get supplies
Sleepless nights were spent in wonder
Of who would not survive

There was a general understanding
That the day was coming close
Mujahadeen fighters
Took up corner posts
Some fled for other cities
The rest dug in tight
The farmers of Fallujah
Would not go down without a fight

November 8th Troops came pouring in
Bombs ripped apart the houses
People fought them from within
There were cluster bombs exploding
There was Phosphorus gas
They we're torturing their prisoners
The flames were spreading fast

You couldn't walk the streets at night
A curfew was imposed
They ordered an evacuation
Then they blocked the major roads
They we're occupying houses
Holding families under siege
Shooting from their windows
Not letting people leave

They we're bombing indiscriminately there we're B-52s
They were picking off civilians there were snipers on the roofs
They we're shooting ambulances there we're bodies in the street
There we're 250,000 refugees

Now 100,000 people
Who fled have not returned
The air is still thick with the smell
Of people's bodies left to burn
One quarter of the city
Was blown apart by bombs
Now they're sorting through the rubble
Picking up the crumbs

That was Fallujah
That was 2004
Soon Tal Afar
Would fall victim to the war
3 years of slaughter
With no plans to cease
To line the pockets of some people
Back in Washington DC

And it was just like Vietnam
Cambodia and Laos
Or when they firebombed Dresden
How it spread from house to house
Paving through the houses
Just like Jenin
Giving contracts out to Halliburton
Just like New Orleans

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