New Orleans Got Iraqed

Ryan Harvey
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Give It Time: Reflections on Change [2006]
It hit like a bombshell
Like a war was being fought
The violence snapped like a snare
Everyone was caught
It all broke into pieces Like the world came crashing down
People's homes were left in ruins
People's bodies can't be found

Some went out into the madness
Just trying to survive
They we're branded there as criminals
No one cared about the lives
They we're put up on TV In a propaganda spin
They said: "These people are monsters, look at them"...

At first it was sick irony,
Now it's fact:
New Orleans got Iraqed

The cops came out shooting
Like a war was being fought
And the papers justified the it
Said: "The looters will be caught"
They shot-to-kill They said everyone was warned
There were curfews, there were convoys
There were soldiers

They fought against the enemy
The neighborhood kids
With orders from the top
To treat them as they did
They shot people
Just for walking down the street
They cordoned off the city kept out relief...

At first it was a rumor,
Now it's fact
New Orleans got Iraqed…

Now there's profits in the slaughter
Like a war was being fought
Corporate-welfare candidates
Seeing what can be bought
Getting open-ended contracts From their politician pets
Making billions from the hardship
Without getting their hands wet

They'll either rebuild this city
As a playground for the rich
Or another ghetto war zone
Guess it doesn't matter which
Either way they push the papers
Either way the profits stack
And they're making sure the poor don't come back...

At first it was conspiracy,
Now it's fact:
New Orleans got Iraqed !
New Orleans got Iraqed…

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