Lots of Little Soldiers

Matt McGinn
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole di Matt McGinn
Musica da "I am a Little Beggarman" cantata da Tommy Makem & the Clancys

Lots of Little Soldiers
My name is 'What you may call me' and my father's was as well
Of a little game he taught me now the story I will tell
We had lots of little soldiers and as sure as the day would come
I sent them into battle with the rattle of my drum.

I put them upon the table and I marched them all around
Then I battered them with the cannonballs and watched them falling down
I had lots of little crosses that I laid upon the dead
Then I patched up all the wounded ones and I sent them home to bed.

I went round and asked the neighbours for a nickel or a dime
To help me buy some soldiers just to help me pass the time
They were always very kindly in supplying me with guns
And some of them even let me play at soldiers with their sons.

Whenever I went to the shop to buy my guns and tanks
The man there always smiled and patted me head and whispered 'Thanks.
If it wasn't for your soldier game I don' know what I'd do
You keep my business busy son so here's an extra few.'

One day I bought some aeroplanes but here was what I found
When I sent them in with bombs to help my army on the ground
They bombed up every soldier there and proved a sorrowful flop
I had to buy another hundred crosses from the shop.

I would very much like if I could teach this little game of guns
To my seven beautiful daughters and my fourteen lovely sons
But the man in the shop he gave me down a bomb from off the shelf
It blew up every soldier, all my neighbours and myself.

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