Strangely Like A War

Mark Gunnery
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Government is War [2006]
Swimming in a swimming hole
That used to be a quarry
Where you could get a job pulling rocks out the ground
But that's another story.
Sitting in the shade with a friend back then
When we could spend a day
Away from the suburban developments
And the urban decay.
People moving out of the city
Sprawl and they all want more room
Than they need my friend says to me
I think those trees are doomed.

They'll take everything they want from the earth
Till they can't take anymore
Then they'll split and make some money off it
It's strangely like a war.
Money is blood caked on a wall
A reminder of that moment
Suffering turned to value
And profit was made from pain.

And they'll call it property
The land gets bought and sold
Trading around the commons
Like a dump truck full of gold.
They don't care about the birds there,
Or the plants and trees and bugs
They don't care about the people
Who don't care to make them some bucks
I wish I could go back there
Swim with my friends and all
But I can't go swim there
‘Cause they made it a shopping mall

And they might call it development
But it starts with destruction.
You try to stop it feds get up in your shit
That's just how their machine functions.
I wish I could go back there and
Breathe the wild air
I say enjoy the good old days right now
Because it only gets worse from here.
Makes me want to go back in time.
Makes me want to go back in time.

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