Making The Bombs

Circle Jerks
Lingua: Inglese

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Live Tijuana, Mexico 1988.

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Album "Wonderful"

I spend my nights in the factory
Building bombs for the good of the nation
It's my job can't you see?
Massive plutonium radiation
They're gonna rock and destroy
Made from the finest of alloys
They're gonna fly under the radar
Six feet over the russian horizon

Making The Bombs!
Making The Bombs!

I install electronic components
The little chips that know where home is
It's such a thrill going through my section
When i give them my final inspection
I like the kind that save the buildings
Why take it out on pillars of stone?
You gotta kill you gotta maim
The reak estate is not to blame

Making The Bombs!
Making The Bombs!

Making the world a nicer place
For us to be
Making the world a saver place
For you and me

Making The Bombs!
Making The Bombs!

To keep a lid on the population
We'll drop bombs on selected nations
We've got a big one in current production
We'll teach those slime buckets about reproduction
Making the bombs, Making the bombs
Dropping the bombs, dropping the bombs...

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