Hummer [For The Military Targets Among The SUV's]

David Rovics
Lingua: Inglese

Here it comes, flying down the center lane
Like a cross between a tank and some kind of trackless train
Towering over anything with only four
Wheels to the pavement, cruising from shore to shore

Radar on the dashboard and the red, white and blue
Streams from the antennae and the bumper stickers, too
Four tons of molten metal just to get a cup of coffee
Ready for the battle in whatever suburb it may be

It’s another hummer humming down the highway

See the soldier change his tire, stranded by the road
Maybe that yellow ribbon is some kind of secret code
‘Cause the hummer drives on by with a passing stare
Saying I support the troops but don’t expect me to care

It’s another hummer humming down the highway

Three miles to the gallon all the way to the shopping mall
How to say fuck you to the Kyoto Protocol
The only thing it’s missing is a machine gun turret
But it still looks to me like a military target

It’s another hummer humming down the highway

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