My Country

Midnight Oil
Lingua: Inglese

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Dall'album "Earth and Sun and Moon" (1993)
Was it just a dream, were you so confused
Was it just a giant leap of logic
Was it the time of year, that makes a state of fear
Methods, were their motives for the action

And did I hear you say
My country right or wrong

Did you save your face
Did you breach your faith
Women, there were children at the shelter
Now who can stop the hail
When human senses fail
There was never any warning, no escape

Did I hear you say
My country right or wrong

My country oh so strong
My country going wrong
My country right or wrong

I hear you say the truth must take a beating
The flag a camouflage for your deceiving
I know we all make mistakes

This is not a case of blurred vision,
It's a case of black holes, pocket holes, soul holes

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