Only A War

Malvina Reynolds
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics and music by Malvina Reynolds
Testo e musica di Malvina Reynolds
Pubblicata su Broadside #62

Only a War

It's only a war, another war,
Forget it.
They come around, we've seen them before,
Forget it.
Bright young bodies meet chattering steel,
How does it feel?
Forget it.
Stock sale goes up, the bodies fall down,
Skip it.
Map pin phrases deaden the sound,
Forget it.
Language is set to a dirty chore
With spangles and tears for a dirty war,
And ev'rything else goes on as before.
Forget it.
It's easy to cheer and tough to resist
And the lonely objector deserves the fist,
Cause he makes you think of the casualty list.
Who wants to think! It's time for a drink.
Forget it.

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