Beautiful World

Dean Omori
Lingua: Inglese

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Da/From: "Ten War Songs"

Lyrics and music by Dean Omori
Testo e musica di Dean Omori

Why we lie

I am Dean Omori, Artist and father of two little boys. This whole thing is dedicated to the art of protest and why it is that we as people seem unable to raise adequate concerns to the reasons we are at war. How easily today we roll over, how easily we accept what is so obvioulsy wrong at the behest of those who control us and at the same time appear to have so little respect for our voice. How simply we accept what our political figures are forcing us into, resigned to the notion that a democracy runs largely on our leathargy and the superiority of the few. We as a nation are blooded in a war and its atrocities in the name of peace and god and beneath the intellectual radars of politicians hidden agendas. Yet I think it is precisely when we believe we as people are powerless to act that we have more power than we could ever imagine. The power of the people no longer reides in democracy but in our capacidy to think and judge situations for ourselves. And there let us act accordingly.

But the noise of these songs in my head at times, was so loud that I had little choice but to exorcise them in completing this thing. The entire album is written and performed by me and recorded on my Mac in our back room. So if you don't like it, well that'll be down to me. But listen to the beauty of TEN WAR SONGS, download them and share it with those of you stifiled without a revolution befitting the time in which we live.
Dean Omori

Art of protest

Hello world

This website is here for two reasons:

Firstly to promote the new album I have recently written and recorded and will be available from 1st October 2007 as a free download. TEN WAR SONGS is the sound of protest if you turn up our silence within us. It is neither religious nor political but it stands to one side with art and justice when our humanity is in question.

Secondly it is my voice in the art of protest. To make something beautiful and challenging and at the same time envoke a movement based on growth and not violence. And there to hopefully work at our collective consciences into standing up for what is right, never again to allow wars to wash over us ever so lightly. To ask why it is as people we seem to have lost the need for protest, for revolution. Where once the soul of our nation could be gauged by its youth, on campus, in streets; by their anger, their defiance and for their fight for what is just, in the face of what is so obviously wrong in the world. Where today our only concerns seem to be media fed on what it is we are all being told we believe in. The policies of this new world appear to be based on money and self-importance regardless the suffering and humiliation of others. Without protest and with it change, we have to accept what it is they are shovelling.
Dean Omori
Can we make love
Can we wake
Can we dance around the lake
Can this beautiful life not be filled with mistake
Can the people who put bullets in us come take them away

Can I fill what I lack
Can we bring the gypsy’s back
Can I kiss the day from the soul of Iraq
Can we see the sun rise on this great big beautiful world

Can I resign my fate
Can it not be too late
Can we make a baby not made in hate
All the beautiful guys holding on to beautiful girls

Put the war away boys
It’s a big beautiful world

Can we share the night
Can we watch the tide
Can we find our dead were really alive
Can there be peace on earth in this great big beautiful world

Can me make romance
Can we sing
Can we dance
Can we work together one last chance
Can you see from the corners of the world I’m a lot like you

Can you stop the war
Can’t fight anymore
Can we be the people we were before
Before the fight in this great big beautiful world

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