All As One

Frank Imburgio
Lingua: Inglese

This song has been 'open sourced' through a creative commons license. It is hoped that many will share the song and spread the message.
a holy war with a bloodstained hand
F14's in the promised land
they try to explain on the cable news
the more they say the more they confuse

where are we heading - can anyone tell
death and destruction - a living hell
children wonder, they're no fools
whatever happened to the golden rule

the cars we're driving made to consume
the houses we live in - so many rooms
and the stores with their shelves piled so high
and the people, so ready to fight

towers to dust, tragedy's dream
the rockets red glare, in nightvision green
medals of honor - memories of war
does anyone know what they're dying for

teach the children
love your wife
work your job
create a life
defend your country
behold your God
the hope for tomorrow
for the daughters and sons
our blood, our brothers, all as one

inviata da Frank Imburgio - 14/10/2007 - 18:37

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