Requiem For Butare

Lorne Clarke & Tom Flannery
Lingua: Inglese

First among the tell-tale signs of madness
Is an unreasoning compulsion to believe
In miracles and faith
That love will find a way
That in the end the truth will set you free

So each night while the stars hang in the blackness
A billion frightened voices beg for peace
Kneeling 'mongst the graves
Of Paupers, Kings and Slaves
The definition of eternity

And when no answers fall from heaven's vastness
We convince ourselves that we lack purity
That we're unworthy and unclean
That's why God remains unseen
Why we stand alone in our time of need

Yet if we look, there's a glimmer midst the ashes
A whisper of the way that things might be
The laughter of a child
A young bride's happy smile
The golden glow of sunrise o'er the sea

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