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Nothing to Lose but Our Chains
(Lee Brickley)
Karwan u sinûr
(Muhammad Abbas-Bahram)
Dal Rojava una voce
(Ranjan Giacomo Spinadin)


This song tells the story of Kurdish revolutionary and political theorist Abdullah Öcalan
Locked away on an island
Not allowed to see the world
Guarded by a thousand rifles
In a prison lined with dirt
There's a man who inspires millions
to live like they are free
He's a guerrilla in the greatest sense
A revolutionary
He took up arms in '84
to fight the Turkish state
and protect the Kurdish people
from another deadly fate
Some may call him a terrorist
but you know it's not that way
And when politicians didn't care
He formed the PKK


He built camps up in the mountains
Launched attacks against the state
For the years of persecution
and their policies of hate
On a mission for the freedom
of the people of his land
He's the life and blood
and heart and soul
of all of Kurdistan
He liberated women
Helped them shed religion's chains
Built a path for every person
from the cradle to the grave
An intellect and passion
like the world has rarely seen
He's a leader without privillage
and I think that we should free


They arrested him in Italy
then sent him on his way
No other European state
would sign off on his plane
So he ended up in Kenya
where he was finally betrayed
by the hidden hand of the secret service
and the CIA
They shipped him back to Turkey
in a big public display
Called the media and film crews
before they locked him away
Held a puppet trial
then had their death sentence overturned
If they'd only take another look
I think that they could learn from


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