When the Fascists Came

Lee Brickley
Lingua: Inglese

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When the fascists came

From Mussolini and Franco to Hitler and Erdoğan, fascists are everywhere, and every generation must fight the same battle against tyranny as the one before. This song is about that
When the fascists came
My life forever changed
They rounded up my village
and they put us on a train

Into the night we rode
In dirty sodden cloths
I saw the rifle butt decending
as the bastards broke my nose
When the fascists came

When the fascists came
I traveled down to Spain
Risked everything I had
in the international brigades

Wounded in Madrid
where Franco ran and hid
I killed fifty men with my bayonet
but the monsters wouldn't quit
When the fascists came

When the fascists came
They lit the Reichstag up in flames
and the SS began purging
anyone with half a brain
With help from overseas
we brought the Fuhrer to his knees
and swore never again to allow
the spread of this disease
When the fascists came

When the fascists came
They started marching once again
Burning swastikas in Georgia
while the world looked on in shame
And in the desert land
as Turkey moved its hand
Another mini Hitler with imperialist plans
When the fascists came

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