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Cantu per Nelson Mandela


he was born July 1918
a couple miles from the capital of Transkei
his dad worked for the Thembu King
in his family he was one of thirteen


he learned western style at an institute
where they named him nelson and gave him a suit
instead of three years he graduated in two
he was the first Mandela in school to boot


now you must remember that at this time
apartheid was the systematic regime
in school Mandela took a party line
to expose to the world all of Britain's crimes


he joined the Youth League of the ANC
the African National Congress to you and me
from the start he joined the activity
no matter what the cost or the legal fee


for a while non-violence was the name of the game
but in 1956 that position changed
150 were arrested without much of a claim
a five year trial later, they were free again


the Sharpeville massacre seemed very planned
'cause a few months later the ANC was banned
nelson made a call to arms and met with Jewish friends
who used the Irgun style to form a new plan


the Spear of the Nation is what it was called
and they used sabotage to make apartheid fall
but in 1964 Nelson took his one phone call
and he went to jail for life in Robbins Island's halls


after 26 years he walked out of jail
and it had absolutely nothing to do with bail
apartheid had fallen and his stance prevailed
and he became President of South Africa!

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