The Chicago Conspiracy

David Peel & The Lower East Side
Lingua: Inglese

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dall'album del 1972 "The Pope Smokes Dope" prodotto da John Lennon e Yoko Ono

The Pope Smokes Dope (And Other Song Classics)

On this 1972 album featured the song "The Chicago Conspiracy" (Apple Records # SW 3391) which addressed both the 1968 Chicago demonstrations and the "Chicago Eight" - the narrator listed all eight of the high-profile protesters arrested and charged, including Bobby Seale, which many other songs excluded in favour of the "seven". The song placed blame on the Chicago mayor: "Daley made this place a city of disgrace". The narrator said that the arrests and trial revealed that "we're not free in this society". It encouraged the listener to "kill..fight...never run" and to keep "marching against the great injustice".

Vietnam War Songs Project
Chicago, Chicago, Chicago, Chicago

The Democrats convention was society's invention
To change our generation was one of their intentions
Chicago was the place for the Democratic race
Mayor Daley made this place a city of disgrace

Chicago, Chicago, Chicago, Chicago
Chicago, Chicago, Chicago, Chicago

They busted Jerry Rubin, they busted Abbie Hoffman
They busted David Dellinger, they busted Rennie Davis
They busted Lee Weiner, they busted John Froines
They busted Tom Hayden, they busted Bobby Seale
The great conspiracy was meant for you and me
To show that we're not free in this society

Chicago, Chicago, Chicago, Chicago

You got to kill, kill, kill,
you got to fight, fight, fight
Never run, run, run,
when you're right, right, right

The whole world is watching, the whole world is watching
Marching against the great injustice
for the people who were busted,
in Chicago, in Chicago, in Chicago

Power to the people, power to the people,
Power to the people, power to the people

Chicago, Chicago, Chicago, Chicago

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