Burning Alexandria Down

Anubis Spire
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & music by Bill MacKechnie
Album: Doorways

An album of music inspired by, featuring, and in tribute to, the late Anubis Spire multi-instrumentalist / vocalist / songwriter, Marlon Kempmann.
A mix of songs and performances from the band and a host of special guests including Mary Everhart, Mel Clemans, Marc McKechnie, Jerry Willard, Dace Yates, and Kathy Stewart. Songs that journey from the joy of love and friendship to sadness and pain for the loss of a great friend and fellow musician. But we must remember that when one door closes another opens, always. There is no end to the doorways…

Its track 7, Burning Alexandria Down, is a song about media manipulation and the raising tide of hate groups.
Well they don't like you
and they don't like me
They scream lock 'em up
in the land of the free

And they don't like facts
and they don't like change
wanna turn back time
till they feel safe again

And they don't read books
'cause new ideas just get in the way
All they need
is what the TV told 'em to say
it told 'em...
There aint no grey
there's only black and white
no need for diplomacy 'cause might makes right
and they're burning Alexandria down again ...

So sit and watch
the mesmerizing screen
while the children cry
and their mothers scream

You can shut it out
'cause it ain't you
but you're on their list
and they'll be coming soon

And we don't need rights
'cause they just get in the way
All we need
is to believe every word and obey
they say...
there ain't no grey
there's only black and white
no diplomacy
'cause might makes right
and they're burning the Reichstag down again ..

It's a fake world now
full of scary things
and the fear they bring

They're goose stepping out
out of the dark
where they've hid for years
their hate filled hearts

and they're wearing a uniform
we've all seen before
but they're waving a flag
I just don't recognize anymore
they say...
there ain't no grey
there's only black and white
no diplomacy
'cause might makes right
and they're bringing the darkness back again …

inviata da giorgio - 23/6/2020 - 09:25

Though the DOORWAYS album was written as a tribute to the late Marlon Kempmann, this song was written by Anubis Spire's main songwriter, Bill MacKechnie.

Kathy Stewart (for Anubis Spire) - 29/6/2020 - 20:38

Thank you very much, Kathy. A very reliable testimony. Please, admins, correct as indicated. I beg your pardon.

giorgio - 30/6/2020 - 08:25

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