The Ballad of Nelson Mandela

Simon Oak
Lingua: Inglese

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Ballad by Simon Oak, featuring Claudio Benito on Flamenco Guitar. It tells the story of the late Nelson Mandela and how the ANC organised the underground movement against the apartheid regime at Liliesleaf Farm.
They captured David Motsamayi *
For speaking out right from his heart
They locked him away on Robben Island
Skin colors stricktly apart
"Vir gebruik deur blankes"
That sign forced you to arm
Strong belief at Liliesleaf Farm

In sixtythree they got you
And eightteen other brave men
They tried to break your spirits
But it already spread cross the land
"Vir gebruik deur blankes"
No message caused you more harm
Strong belief at Liliesleaf Farm

The world in those days was divided
A cold war between red, white and blue
Red yelled "Free Mandela"
But white and blue didn't trust you
"Vir gebruik deur blankes"
No politics, but a racist alarm
Strong belief at Liliesleaf Farm

Your wise words and those of Steve Biko
Who was killed by the Walmer Police**
Changed the world from the hearts of the people
But still it took thirteen more years***
"Vir gebruik deur blankes"
No more would this do you harm
Strong belief at Liliesleaf Farm

Hate can be learned by the people
But love is our nature inside
To educate love to our children
Is our major parental plight
He who conquers fear
Is the brave man who rings the alarm
Old belief from Liliesleaf Farm
* Nelson Mandela assumed this name when he hid at Liliesleaf Farm
** on 12 September 1977
*** before Nelson Mandela was released on 11 February 1990

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