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(Mike Porcel)

No perdonamos la hegemonia
ejecutada desde hollywood
siendo objetivo principal
para alienar la juventud
no olvidamos el deshaucio
asesino en tu epitacio
y ahora con tu sucio dinero
comprate un buen ataud
no olvidamos a Jose Couso
asesinado en Irak
ni a las compañeras dando su vida
defendiendo kurdistan
y es que no es facil combatir
tres frentes que proteger
discriminada por ser pobre
por indigena y mujer
no perdonamos la represion
de la audiencia nacional
el poder hacer una cancion
sin miedo al que pasara
sin correa y sin bozal
saliendo de su espiral
sin someternos a un estado
que no nos deja respirar
no olvidamos que el 4F
fue un montaje policial
cuando veremos el cancer social
y todos sus sintomas
las viboras nos quieren dar
la señal de alarma
saben que la solidaridad es nuestra mejor arma

no olvidamos a Íñigo Cabacas
y a patricia Heras
no perdones a UGT
y a Comisiones Obreras
tampoco las condenas
las cadenas
de la audiencia de Madrid
asesinando a Puig Antich
a garrote vil
aqui no hay derechos humanos
no olvides los datos
7000 agentes investigados por malos tratos
todos con el pueblo
pero sabes los culpables
el Afganistan de Aznar
los GAL de Felipe Gonzalez

no olvidamos a Guevara
a Tomas Sankara
que aqui la palabra
te cuesta la trena
por eso hay cadena perpetua
en cubierta
si encuentro presos como Arenas

nunca olvides camarada
que mil cámaras graban,
tampoco los asesinatos de Lasa y Zabala,
soy la bala alojada en el cráneo,
yo sé donde voy
PSOE se vendio ayer
Podemos lo hara hoy
yo soy del club del piolet
punto y set como no
convierto la nuca de ese trosko
en un rocodromo

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Lingua: Inglese

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We can't forgive the hegemony
carried out from Hollywood,
it's prime objective is
to alienate the youth.

We haven't forgotten the chaos,
"killer" is written on your epitaph,
and now with your dirty money,
buy yourself a sturdy coffin.

We haven't forgotten José Couso(1)
assassinated in Iraq,
nor the many who gave their lives
when defending Kurdistan.

And it's not easy to fight,
to protect all three fronts(2):
discriminated for being poor,
for being indigenous and a woman.

We can't forgive the repression
of the National Court(3)
for making a song(4).
without fearing those who hear it.

Without a leash or collar,
winding out of its coil,
without subjecting ourselves into a state
that leaves us breathless.

We haven't forgotten that the 4F(5)
was a political montage,
when we see the social cancer
and all of its symptoms
those snakes want to give us
an alarm signal,
they know that solidarity is our best weapon.

We haven't forgotten Íñigo Cabacas(6)
and Patricia Heras(7),
we can't forgive the UGT(8)
and the Workers' Commissions(9)
nor the sentences, the chains,
the Provincial Court of Madrid(10)
Puig Antich(11) was assassinated
by garrote vil(12).

Here, there are no human rights,
don't forget the details,
(7000) agents investigated for mistreatment
against the people,
but you know who the culprits are,
Azanar(13) in Afghanistan
the GAL(14) of Felipe Gonzalez.(15)

We haven't forgotten Guevara(16),
or Thomas Sankara(17),
where whatever you say,
can cost you your freedom,
that's why there's life imprisonment
if I find prisoners like Arenas.(18)

Never forget the comrade
that a thousand cameras record,
nor the assassins of Lasa and Zabala,(19)
I'm the bullet lodged in your skull,
I know where I'm going.
PSOE(20) sold itself yesterday,
Podemos(21) will do it too today,
I'm from the ice axe club
point and set, why not?
I turned the neck of that Trotskyist
into a climbing wall.
(1) a Spanish cameraman who was one of the April 8, 2003 journalist deaths by US fire after a US tank fired at the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq during the (2003) Iraq invasion
(2) all three are Classism, Racism and Sexism
(3) a special and exceptional high court in Spain
(4) that song refers to 'Juan Carlos el Bobón'

(5) known as 'Case 4F' is a case of police corruption following the events of February 4th, 2006 in Barcelona, when the Urban Guard detail several young people who were convicted and imprisoned for their alleged involvement in the aggression against an Urban Guard officer during the eviction of the Palau Alòs building (that was occupied at the time)
(6) Íñigo Cabacas was killed on April 9th, 2012 in Bilbao, Basque Country by a rubber bullet
(7) Patricia Huertas was a psychologist who was accused of throwing a fence at the police (she denied ever being at the scene) and then commited suicide when she was granted permission to leave prison in 2011
(8) Unión General de Trabajadores (General Union of Workers) a major Spanish trade union, historically affiliated with the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE)
(9) since the 1970s has become the largest trade union in Spain
(10) A court of justice exercising its jurisdiction over the Community of Madrid (Spain)
(11) Salvador Puig Antich was an anarchist, born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and active during the 1960s
(12) a weapon, most often referring to a handheld ligature of chain, rope, scarf, wire or fishing line used to strangle a person
(13) José María Alfredo Aznar López Prime Minister of Spain from 1996 to 2004
(14) Grupos Antiterroristas de Liberación (Antiterrorist Liberation Groups) were death squads established illegally by officials of the Spanish government to fight ETA, the principal Basque separatist militant group
(15) Felipe González Márquez was the prime minister between 1982 to 1996 of Spain and leader of the PSOE who was suspected of being involved with GAL
(16) refers to Che Guevara
(17) was a Burkinabé military captain, Marxist revolutionary, pan-Africanist and President of Burkina Faso from 1983-87
(18) refers to Reinaldo Arenas, a Cuban poet, novelist, and playwright who despite his early sympathy for Fidel Castro and the 1959 revolution, grew critical of and then rebelled against the Cuban government
(19) The murder of Lasa and Zabala was one of the first acts carried out by the GAL, a state sponsored death squad, Basques José Antonio Lasa and José Ignacio Zabala were kidnapped, tortured and executed in 1983
(20) Partido Socialista Obrero Español [PSOE] (Spanish Socialist Workers' Party) is a social-democratic political party in Spain
(21) Podemos (We Can) is a left-wing political party in Spain

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