The Reckoning

The Greys
Lingue: Inglese, Spagnolo

Death to the empire of death.
Dedicated to the countless millions of its victims.

Music by The Greys, words by Cuauhtemoc Negro. Starring Daniela Guzmán & Cuauhtemoc Negro. Directed by Nick Zedd, photography by Eduardo Solano Berber. With Austin Hassett. Mummy art courtesy of Daniela Guzmán, naturalist curiosities courtesy of René Villanueva Maldonado.

The Reckoning
Legions of the Dead!
Amassing along the border!
Thirsty for revenge!
Hungry for The Reckoning!
Don't you see..
...what you've done?
Vengador! Venga Vengador!
Venga con Coraje y Valor!

Venga con Ira y Dolor!
For 400 years
you've bathed in an orgy
of rape and murder
Fondling and mutilating the bodies
that paved the road to empire!
Your balance is long overdue!
Malhechor! Malo Malhechor!
No le queda ni jota de honor!
Nos ofende tu mero hedor!

Syria: 1.5 million killed.
Yemen: 175,000 killed.
Afghanistan: 875,000 killed.
Pakistan: 325,000 killed.
Iraq: 2.4 million killed just in the second war
Vietnam: 5.1 million killed
Cambodia: 800,000 killed.
Laos: 200,000 killed.
Indonesia: 1 million killed.
Korea: 2 million killed.
Philippines: 1.4 million killed.
Japan: 220,000 killed by the two atomic weapons.
Libya: 250,000 killed.
Sudan: 383,000 killed.
Rwanda: 1 million killed.
Congo: 5.4 million killed.
Angola: 300,000 killed.
El Salvador: 63,000 killed.
Guatemala: 200,000 killed.
Nicaragua: 30,000 killed.
Panamá: 3,000 killed in a one month war.
México: 25,000 killed.
usa: 18 million killed.
Worst genocide in human history!
Genocidio! Geno Genocidio!
tu destino es el presidio!
you thought you were going to get off... free!
Because you're the exceptional race...
...and the people you butchered are subhuman.
you've got a big surprise coming to you!
you're not safe anymore!

The Oceans can't protect you!
your new enemies are more powerful than you can ever imagine!
They'll do to you what you did... North Korea!
The Whole World will cheer... you die!
Hula Hoop! Hula Hula Hoop!
'ta muerto el terorista!
'ta muerto el satanista!

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