An African Song (on That Great Civilized Morning)

Chad Mitchell Trio
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole di Edgar Yipsel "Yip" Harburg, nome d'arte di Isidore Hochberg (1896-1981), celebre liricista e librettista americano, ebreo, di origine russa.
Una spoken song sulla melodia di "Wimoweh - The Lion Sleeps Tonight", basato su di canzone popolare zulu, portata al successo nel 1961 da The Tokens (ma prima di loro, negli anni 40, da Solomon Linda)
Nell'album "The Slightly Irreverent Mitchell Trio"
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The Slightly Irreverent Mitchell Trio
Wimoweh, Wimoweh, Wimoweh...

The question is, are the Africans and Africa prepared for independence?
Do they have enough delinquents among their juvenile descendants?

Wimoweh, Wimoweh, Wimoweh...

Can they fill their air with smog enough, their rivers with pollutions?
Are the citizens evolved enough for mental institutions?
Are they smart enough to know enough to regulate their taxes
So the poor can pay the rich to keep the poor flat on their axes?

Wimoweh, Wimoweh, Wimoweh...

Do they know how to destroy what they produce for their enjoyment?
Or employ enough machines to keep employees from employment?
Have the natives the intelligence, the native wisdom, or the dexterity
To establish atom bases as the base of their prosperity?

In essence, have we morally the right to even plan to let the backward Nations join the brotherhood of men?

Wimoweh, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

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