Dancing in Survival

Shawn Phillips
Lingua: Inglese

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Nell'album intitolato "Continuance", pubblicato alla fine del 2017
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Shawn Phillips

"God is going to keep us all at war..."
All of us are waiting and some are just evading,
implications that we have within our lives.
We are trapped inside the cradle that will be the only ladle,
for the vagaries of fortune and or strife
And in our sphere of being, we are fond of never seeing,
The intrusions of the predators at large,
That make us all to suffer, every sister unto brother,
And we cannot live the fullness of our lives

Cyber social interactions lead to misinforming actions,
Are you what you say, or who you are?
Not to mention, such pretension,
Was and is it your intention
Don’t you think you might have gone too far?

People in the middle east enjoy a different kind of feast,
They do not think or live as you or I,
For the Women it’s a horror, and it is again tomorrow,
Till equality becomes the major cry.
They are living in the past and they want to make it last,
And if they want they’ll make their standards higher,
But feudal is the current state, a breeding ground for lots of hate,
So global is the tribe that we should try

We are all just human beings, all the same in love and feelings,
That remains the same for where we are,
What we believe is still the problem, ever present, unresolving,
God is going to keep us all at war.

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