Mr. President

Shawn Phillips
Lingua: Inglese

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Nell'album intitolato "Furthermore..."
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Great God! What do you see
It's falling to the ground
The very fabric of our lives
Is turning upside down
We learn to kill before we read
To turn the bastard round
We got the means to foil the world
Does that mean we got to do it now?

Hey Mr. President I really do hope
That you don't watch your T.V.
And keep your fingers
Away from those buttons

For me and my family and my friends afar
And the ones we haven't met
We are aware of your sophisticated toys
And the violence they beget
We don't approve of the way things are
Much less the present set
Things gotta change in the next ten years
'Cause we don't intend to buy the farm yet

Mr. Prime Minister won't you administer
Decrees to decrease the war
It really ain't funny when you're
Makin' that money from

Gore and blood and spillin' his guts
And he really doesn't understand why
We been fillin' his head with
Vicarious dreams, 'bout the paradise
In the sky, and if you don't kill him
We'll kill you is our insidious reply
'Cause it's gone full circle
And returned again
And nobody really knows why

Hey Mr. Premier won't you take another year
To let your people be
Elevating, tolerating
All that they could be creating

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