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(Rhiannon Giddens, Amythyst Kiah, Leyla McCalla, Allison Russell)

Songs of our Native Daughters (Smithsonian Folkways, 2019)

Amythyst Kiah, vocals and guitar;
Rhiannon Giddens, backing vocals and minstrel banjo;
Leyla McCalla, backing vocals;
Allison Russell, backing vocals;
Jamie Dick, drums and percussion;
Dirk Powell, electric guitar and accordion;
Jason Sypher, bass

Our Native Daughters

Dai versi finali della stessa “John Henry”, nella versione del “musicista delle colline” Sid Hemphill, il bluesman compositore e pluristrumentista registrato da Alan Lomax, arriva il titolo del R&B di apertura, “Black Myself”, scritto da Kiah, la più giovane del quartetto, esponente del alt-country blues, nativa del Tennessee, che lo interpreta con la sua voce soul.

This song was inspired by a line from north Mississippi hill country musician Sid Hemphill’s “John Henry:”

I don’t like no red-black woman Black myself, black myself

This sentiment is linked to the history of intraracial discrimination, the idea that being a lighter shade of black is more desir- able because it means that you look closer to being white than black. And from that I thought about how this negative conno- tation of blackness was integral to slavery, segregation, and then the “white flight” to suburban neighborhoods after desegrega- tion. I thought of my experience as a black girl in a white suburban neighborhood in the 1990s, and how, once puberty hit, the doors of my neighbors would soon be suddenly closed to me. And thus the refrain and title of this song are intended to be an
anthem for those who have been alienated and othered because of the color of their skin. — AK
Dal libretto dell'album
I wanna jump the fence and wash my face in the creek
But I'm black myself
I wanna sweep that gal right off her feet
But I'm black myself
Tired of walkin' 'round with no shoes on
But I'm black myself
Your precious God ain't gonna bless me
'Cause I'm black myself

Is you washed in the blood of your chattel?
'Cause the lamb's rotted away
When they stopped shipping work horses
Bred your own anyway

I don't pass the test of the paper bag
'Cause I'm black myself
I pick the banjo up and they stare at me
'Cause I'm black myself
You better lock your doors when I walk by
'Cause I'm black myself
You look me in my eyes but you don't see me
'Cause I'm black myself

They're washed in the blood of the chattel
'Cause the lamb's rotted away
When they stopped shipping work horses
They bred their own anyway

I don't creep around, I stand proud and free
'Cause I'm black myself
I go anywhere that I wanna go
'Cause I'm black myself
I'm surrounded many lovin' arms
'Cause I'm black myself
And I'll stand my ground and smile in your face
'Cause I'm black myself

I washed away my blood and tears
I've been born brand new
There's no more workhorses
But there's still work to do

'Cause I'm black myself (Black myself)
'Cause I'm black myself (Black myself)
'Cause I'm black myself (Black myself)
'Cause I'm black myself
Black my–, black my–, black myself

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