Chaos From Within

Bad Religion
Lingua: Inglese

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“Throughout history, walls have been used to keep the barbarians out, but it seems to me the truly barbaric aspect of a civilization is the chaos that comes from within.”

Gregg Graffin
Cowering like settlers on someone else's land
Mistaking advances of the natives
Who have come to lend a hand
It's a sad and pathetic badge of shame, my friends
Terror always seems to win
In the drama of human motivation
Where is restraint and reason?

Threat is urgent! Existential!
With patience wearing thin
But the danger's elemental
It's chaos from within

The fox-stained leaves of civilization
Depict a stark repeat
It's always a flaw in reasoning
That fates the citizenry
When the ancestor fell from the arbor
The march of fear began
But the predator wallowed in failure
In the face of consciousness

Threat is urgent! Existential!
Time to scan the horizon
But the danger's elemental
It's chaos from within

Threat is urgent! Existential!
Omnipresent like a skin
But the danger's purely mental
It's chaos from within
Chaos from within!

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