Silent Majority

Eugene McDaniels
Lingua: Inglese

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The silent majority
Is calling out to you and me
I said the silent
Yeah, yeah, yeah majority
Is calling out to you and me

Silent majority
Is calling out loud to you and me
From Arlington Cemetery
To stand up tall for humanity
To heed the call to democracy, yeah

Silent majority
Gathering around the hanging tree
Negative voices in unity
Creating souls of immunity
Ignoring the call to humanity

Silent majority
Stuffing their faces with pastry
Children are dying in poverty
Fear lives in the land of liberty
And justice is a phrase of fantasy

Silent majority
Lining their feelings with currency
Capital gains remains a mystery
Ask them if they care and they laugh at me
Where is your love for humanity

Silent majority
With a lifestyle tempo of one and three
Two and four lives for my friends and me
When your mind is open then your body is free
Two and four against one and three now

Silent majority
Not so silent far as I can see
War in, war out, they peddle Christmas trees
Gaggin' on their own hypocrisies
Death comes round, you find them on their knees, yeah

Vocal minority
Heeding the lessons of history
Knowing the logical choice to be
To stand up tall for democracy
To heed the call to humanity
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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