Wolfe Tones
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics by Jennie Sibley
Music: Giuseppe Verdi, Slaves Chorus ("Va pensiero") from Nabucco

Testo di Jennie Sibley
Musica: Giuseppe Verdi, Coro degli schiavi ("Va pensiero") dal Nabucco

Wolfe Tones.
Wolfe Tones.

Il testo è ripreso dalla pagina del coro Strawberry Thieves
Stand beside me for peace and for liberty
For freedoms denied to many nations.

We march against those who bomb and destroy other lands
In the hope that with justice and peace all will be free.

Free the earth of weapons of war, of death and destruction,
Rid all lands of hate and greed that oppresses humanity.

With sad emotion for people of occupied lands
We demand an end now to all imperial rule.

For united we stand,
Linking our hands throughout this world
Making chains of love that won’t be broken.

We are singing this song,
Knowing our heart cannot be wrong

And that Bush and Blair have to be be-eaten.
For I hate to see children crying

We must stop all their sorrow and dying.
Stand beside me for peace and for liberty

For political settlement and peace in the world.
It’s our wish that our lands will find justice and peace
We will fight for all people to gain liberty, liberty, liberty.

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