Lingua: Inglese

A long time must go by
Before our present becomes history
Just like us

We will face the long march
But first
We will defend the trees we wear
We will defend the bell of the night

And the hanging moon over our huts
We will defend the leaping deer
And the clay of our pots
And the eagle feathers in the wings
Of our final songs

But soon you will erect your world on our remains
You will pave over the sacred places
To open a road to the satellite moon
This is the age of industry

The age of coal
Fossils to fuel your thirst for fine wine
There are the dead and the settlements
The dead and the bulldozers
The dead and the hospitals

There are radar screens to capture the dead
Who die more than once in this life

To capture the dead who walk after death
The dead who breed the beast of civilisation
The dead who die to carry the earth
After the relics are gone

Where, oh white master
Are you taking my people.. and yours…

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