A prayer to you

Lingua: Inglese

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(Claudio Baglioni)
Nun te scurda'

A prayer to you

Un'altra canzone dedicata all'attività di Denis Mekwege. I proventi dell'album sono stati devoluti all'ospedale di Panzi in Congo, dove il dottor Mukwege cura le donne vittime di violenza sessuale.
Where to begin 
To talk about a violence 
That not even our worst nightmares could imagine? 
What words should be used 
When no language could ever find a name for such atrocities? 

They came in the middle of the night 
And violated the entrance of her home 
And so did they with her body 
Forcing her whole family to see 
This monstrosity 

My tears, my prayers 
Go out to you my sisters my brothers 
From me to you, is it all I can do? 

They destroyed her garden 
And no birth can be given 
All the fruits get rotten 
No life in here anymore 
All that remains is scars and sores 

With a cold-blooded insanity 
They just ripped her off of her humanity 
It’s the whole community they annihilated 
So imagine how much love 
Imagine how much strength will be needed 
To rebuild a present and a future 

Can my words be true talking about something 
I’ve never been through? 
While I’m hoping I will never speak from experience 
To my brothers, my sisters 
Who've endured such unspeakable offence: 
May Jah bring my prayers, my love, my strength 
To you  

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