The Death of Carlo Giuliani

Ryan Harvey
Lingua: Inglese

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See him crouched down low in the truck 
Three days of bloodshed, the anger had built up 
See his gun braced on top of the seat 
Pointed at the face of young Carlo Giuliani 

And the world watched in vein at the pictures on the screen
At the beatings and the raids by the Carabinieri 

You can see it all in photographs 
At Piazza Alimonda, the crowd fighting back 
See his arms raised above his head 
The anger swirled around him, until that pop pierced the wind 

And the world watched in vein as the bullet lefts its case 
For its short flight into the face of Carlo Giuliani 

His hands fell, the camera fell 
The engine sparked, the tires and pressed his body down 

10 long years have come and gone 
And the spirit of Carlo Giuliani carries on 
And there's a question that remains 
Are we prepared to die for the things we want to change?

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