Rachel Corrie

Michael Oosten
Lingua: Inglese

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Feat. Nicky Sund, Julia Mcconahay & Megan Felt
Rachel Corrie, Rachel Corrie
Where are you today?
I feel your vibe never went away

With your heart so big
You bring people in
Giving them shelter
For a better life to begin

Touching other's lives
Helping those in need
With your generous smile
You planted a seed

You are the brave one
Standing on the line
Fighting for justice
Where others are blind

Growing up with Nature
Drawing and writing verse
Love and compassion
Always came first

How bright your flame burned
Wanting to change the world
Fighting for the oppressed
And justice at every turn

Facing down nations
That are blinded by history
Trying to open up their hearts
So they may see

So many see
Too few do
What you did
Gives our souls food

Food for contemplation
Food for the future
Now we know
You are a teacher

Rachel Corrie, Rachel Corrie
Is with us today
Because we know her life
And want her to stay

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