Rachel Corrie

Pól Mac Adaim
Lingua: Inglese

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Rachel Corrie

Forsaken Land
Come listen you fine people to a story cold
About young Rachel Corrie, 23 years old
From Olympia in Washington Rachel Corrie came
A bright young girl about to learn a world of hurt and pain

Rachel knew atrocities were committed in her name
She knew the U.S. government had a share in all the blame
International solidarity called her from afar
TO a land of death and misery, to a place they call Rafah

Pappa don't you worry, mamma I'm ok
I'm over here in Palestine and I'll be back some day
The Palestinian people are so thoughtful and so kind
I'll feel so guilty when I go and leave them all behind

For seven weeks she risked her life defending people's homes
Trying to break down barriers in Israel's no go zones
Tom Hurndall we'll remember you for trying to do the same
Your pictures of the conflict tell the world of Sharon's shame

One morning Israel'a army came to hgh Salam
To bulldoze Palestinian homes to make way for ther plans
Rachel Corrie pleaded, she tried to talk them round
But the driver in a bulldozer mowed young Rachel down

I didn't know you Rachel, but I know what you stand for
You are an inspiration to end all bloody war
I hope the world will realize the reasons why you died
Equality, fraternity, for liberty and pride.

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