Land Day

David Rovics
Lingua: Inglese

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1976/2018. Land Day was originally declared in the wake of a massacre carried out by Israelis against Palestinians protesting against ongoing theft of their land by Israel. Now we have a far bigger massacre to add to the ongoing saga.David Rovics
Another day, another massacre of children
Children who have nothing good to show
Since their families became refugees so many years ago
When Zionists had launched their latest annexation
Which awakened the resistance of the Palestinian nation

And they called it Land Day
For the day the land was stolen by the new Crusaders

Another day, another massacre of children
With traumatized survivors of Nazi genocide
Killing traumatized survivors across a new divide
A divide that was created by killing kids and taking land
With a twisted kind of logic only Death can understand

Another day, another massacre of children
Children they call terrorists for throwing stones at tanks
Children they imprison for refusing to give thanks
For the fact that no one is running gas chambers quite yet
Though it's hard to see how much more like a death camp this can get

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