Austerity Alphabet

Jez Lowe
Lingua: Inglese

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Nell’album “The Ballad Beyond”
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The Ballad Beyond
A for austerity, B for the bankers, with their bonuses, smugness and sneers,
C for the credit cards, D for the dreams full of debt that’ll turn into tears,
E for the empty bellies, F for the foodbanks, a stain on this country’s good name,
G for the greed of the H for the high and the haughty, who should burn with shame.

I for industrial J for junkheaps of workers, skills and machines,
K for the killjoys, L for the loansharks, the leeches who are picking us clean,
M for the massacre of N for the National Health, sold out from beneath our feet,
O for the odious P politicians, expenses forms always complete.

Q for the queues of the R for the ragged and restless, their backs to the wall,
S for the standards of T for the tabloid press, dumb down down they fall
U for the unions, V for the victims of vengeance we watched them become,
W for the wealth in the hands of the few, while the many make do with the crumbs.

X for the xenophobes, always around, Y for the young, newly grown,
Z is for zero, a blank generation, and zero is all that they’ve known.
This is our alphabet, this is our blueprint, scrimp and scrape our middle names,
It’s England AD two thousand and fourteen, we’re playing the austerity game

It’s the make and mend society,
The writing spelt out on the wall,
The message we’re sending, it’s time we were mending
The mess we’ve made of it all.

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