Land of the Upright Ones

Heaven Shall Burn
Lingua: Inglese

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Maik Weichert (guitars) about the song: "The song is dedicated to Thomas Sankara, a relatively unknown revolutionary whose fate is closely linked to Burkina Faso which can be translated to "Land of upright/honest people" or "Land of honest people". It's a very heavy track."
The dawn of a new age is near
We'll put an end to all the chaos and fear
Under angry skies we march
Against this downfall
Against this unjust regime

No masters, no leaders
This is the end of treason
There's nothing they will carry on
Black-hearted are their promises
Believe me liberty is paid by blood
There's nothing they will carry on
Nothing they will act upon

There is nothing I can pledge to you
But whatever we will win
Is more than slavery
This life, this golden future - it's in our hands
This wealth belongs to all of us
Looted and defiled
Those days are over now
Felons will be brought to justice
Why don't you learn from my mistakes

This life
This future
We build a new foundation
A new era we will bid welcome
Land of the upright ones

Your master, your leader
This is the end of reason
There's nothing we will carry on
Good-hearted were the promises
Why don't you learn from my mistakes

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