Vulcan and Lucifer

John Tams
Lingua: Inglese

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The songs of Steel
Vulcan and Lucifer' pits Thatcher and McGregor (the man held responsible for breaking both the Steel Workers & the Miners' strikes) against the Devil himself. A mournful lament, the iconic sound of a brass band resonates with the testimonies of the workers as they describe their experiences 1981 strike and the following decline of the industry that they had previously seen as a 'job for life'.
Vulcan sez to Lucifer, "Tha's fallen into t'neet
It's me as meks this valley ring and keeps these flames aleet".
Lucifer to Vulcan sez, "I'm still the gaffa here
I've signed up another demon and it's 'im you'll come to fear
So it's nowt to do wi' me owd lad." Vulcan sez "I know thee game
I bet Thatcher's got a hand in this." Sez Lucifer "For shame!"
"Come on Lucy, what's the beggar called?" He answered wi a grin
"Maggie sez his name's MacGregor. It wont be t'last you'll hear of 'im." 

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