More Tea, Margaret?

Robb Johnson
Lingua: Inglese

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 Margaret Thatcher: My Part In Her Downfall
More tea, Margaret?
And would you like one lump or six?
With your conviction politics,
You'd prob'ly want the whole bowl
And all the milk too.
My, my! Now don't we look the part?
Shameless in red like some old—aunt,
Dead bodies buried in your handbag.

More tea, Margaret?
Won't you tell us once again
About your time at Number Ten
You and all those famous men.
Kiss and tell!
There was Ronnie Reagan, Margaret.
Yes, but you also gave your hand to
Botha, Augusto, and Saddam, too,
Men now who no one understands, 
Like you did.

More tea, Margaret?
Tell us those tales that make us gasp
Of how you broke the working class
Upon ten thousand picket lines
With all your laws, Margaret,
You and your boot boys dressed in blue.
Oh, those wicked things you used to do, 
Margaret, you broke this nation's heart in two,
Didn't you?

More tea, Margaret?

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