They Come Like Armies

Leon Rosselson
Lingua: Inglese

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Una - credo – recentissima ballata del buon vecchio radicale ebreo Leon Rosselson
Ho trovato il testo sul suo sito ufficiale

Un brano contro il “fracking”, la fratturazione idraulica, pratica geotecnica di perforazione del sottosuolo finalizzata a rendere disponibili giacimenti di gas ed idrocarburi intrappolati nelle viscere della terra. Il fracking esige quantità enormi d’acqua e inoltre inquina le falde acquifere ed è anche ritenuto aver effetti sull’aumento del rischio sismico.
They come like armies, they assault the land
They pump down vast amounts of water, toxic chemicals & sand
To crack the rocks and win the prize
The shale gas they hope will see their profits rise.

They say it’s safe, nothing to fear
But it doesn’t take a fracking scientist to spot a bad idea
Just one small leak in the wells they sink
Will contaminate the water that we drink

Ask who will profit? Who pay the price?
This patch of earth they’re violating isn’t theirs to sacrifice.
Why can’t they see that it’s insane
To heat the planet, scar the earth for short term gain?

Earth’s buried treasures they take by force
And fracking uses so much water it depletes the water source
So now in Texas they’re asking why
The shale gas flows while the water taps run dry.

Let’s choose clean water, let’s choose clean air
Let’s choose a future that’s sustainable for everyone to share
Let’s choose clean energy sea, sun and wind
So we can keep those fossil fuels in the ground.

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