يا ليل ما ما أطولك

Rim Banna / ريم بنا‎,
Lingua: Arabo

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ريم بنا – سارة
(Rim Banna / ريم بنا‎,)

Ya lel ma ma atwalak
Cantata in duetto con la norvegese Kari Bremnes
dall'album Lullabies From The Axis Of Evil (2004)

يا ليل ما ما أطولك
مشيتني حافيي
ميزان ما أتقلك
هديتلي كتافي
دابت حشيشة قلبي لاجلكوم دابت
والشعرتين السود يا يما بروسنا شابوا
والشعرتين الشقر يا يما بروسنا دابوا
لا تحسبوا ان طالت الغربة يا يما ونسيناكو
وكلي ما طالت الغربة يا يما تزكرناكو
جمال يا جمال
جمال يا ابن عمي
خدلي هالسلام لبويي وامي
سلام من خاطري كلام من تمي
سلام لأختي الحنونة البعيدي عني

26/3/2018 - 22:31

Lingua: Inglese

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Oh night, how long you are
You made me walk barefooted
A balance, how heavy you are
You tired my shoulders (I can't bear anymore)
My heart is tired for you
Oh mam, and the black hair which was left, turned grey
Oh mam, and the blonde hair which was left are gone
Oh mam, don't think if the estrangement extended that we would forgot you
Oh mam, how long the estrangement extended, we'll remember you more
Camel driver, oh camel driver
Camel driver, oh my cousin
Take this salam (salute) to my father and mother
Salam from my mind, talk from my mouth
Salam to my tender sister, who far away from me she is

26/3/2018 - 22:32

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