Sky Over Vietnam

Tadashi Hidaka
Lingua: Inglese

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Words and music by Tadashi Hidaka
English Translation by Don Persival
Broadside #80

Impossibile trovare notizie o il testo originale di questa canzone giapponese, apparsa in traduzione sul Broadside Magazine.
Alone, alone in Vietnam
He stands alone and wonders why
The wounded soldier calm and brave
Gazes up at the sky

At the sky, at the red, red sky
Stained as if with his blood

The helicopters have flown away
The guns are silent since the fight
And the voices of buffaloes echo along
The Mekong River in the night.

All the sky is a red red sky
Stained as if with his blood.

He doesn't think of the gun he holds
Only of home so far away
Of his mother's smile and the tears she shed
what was he fighting for today?

Alone, alone in Viet Ham
He knows he is about to die
And the burning village his funeral pyre
Sends its smoke into the sky

All the sky is a red red sky
Stained as if with his blood.

The sky grows dark as before storm
Why did he soldier have to die
For his blood is yours and his blood is mine
we share the same darkening sky
We live beneath the darkening sky.

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