Full Spectrum Dominance

Vic Sadot
Lingua: Inglese

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Copyright April 1, 2012 Victor René Sadot, BMI, Orbian Love Music
Truth Trobadour

Written by Vic Sadot for the Bruce Gagnon April 10, 2012 speech for the Social Justice Committee of the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists.

"Full Spectrum Dominance" is a US military term refering to total military control over land, air, sea, space, and cyberspace, and is also called "hegemony".

This song, "Full Spectrum Dominance", was written by Vic Sadot for the 4-10-11 visit of Bruce Gagnon, founder of the Global Network Against Nuclear Power and Weapons in Space (See link to space4peace dot org at bottom below lyrics), to speak at Fellowship Hall in Berkeley, CA.

The recording was done Oct 12, 2012 at Robot Envy Studio in Berkeley with Vic Sadot on vocals and acoustic guitar, Rob Sadot on electric guitar, Eric Golub is on violin, and Sammy Fielding is sound engineer and owner of the studio.

The final mix and master sound track for "Full Spectrum Dominance" was released on the new 2017 CD titled "Truth Troubadour" on Dec 19, 2016 at CD Baby.

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Verse chords:
4 X Em Em A7 A7

Chorus chords:
2 X
Em Em A7 A7
Em Em B7 B7
US corporate killers want more weapons in space!
They want “full spectrum dominance” all over the place!
By land, air, and sea... and by satellite too!
And all throughout cyberspace they want to spy on you!

Full spectrum dominance is the policy
Making systemic violence and tyranny!
Full spectrum dominance makes us all the enemy!
But a better world is possible! This ain't the way it has to be!

No, it's not paranoia! It's legitimate fear!
The New World Order is already here!
If we don't want to descend into a stinkin' fascist state
We better make some better history before it's all too late!

Now the media manipulators make a false world view!
Make the victims the aggressors! Make the lies seem true!
Making death and destruction from tax dollars spent!
Making ill-begotten profits for the one percent!

They got the great historic jump on us by doing genocide
The holocaust on native Americans is still denied
Now depleted uranium weapons do the same
To Afghans and Iraqis! And it's done in our name!

They're banning demonstrations 'cept in “free speech zones”!
They're planning violations of what the law condones!
You know a human being is more than flesh, blood and bones!
Beware of those who joke about “sending in the drones”!

Come on now, People! Open up your eyes!
It's time to stop swallowing all these corporate lies!
It's time to be aware and care, and to be wise!
Come on now, People! Keep your eyes on the prize!

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