The Ghost of Ethel Rosenberg

David Rovics
Lingua: Inglese

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Decades after the electrocutions of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, we learned that although the state had reason to believe Julius Rosenberg was a Soviet spy, they had nothing on Ethel. They gave her the death penalty in order to make her husband talk. Neither of them did.David Rovics

Il caso Rosenberg è una vicenda che, negli anni della guerra fredda, e in pieno clima dimaccartismo, coinvolse i coniugi Julius ed Ethel Rosenberg e colpì profondamente l'opinione pubblica mondiale, quando i due furono processati, giudicati colpevoli e condannati a morte come spie dell'Unione Sovietica.

Nello specifico, i coniugi Rosenberg furono accusati di cospirazione attraverso lo spionaggio e incriminati con l'accusa di aver passato ad agenti sovietici dei segreti sulle armi nucleari.

Con la desecretazione degli atti, si è scoperto che effettivamente Julius Rosenberg fu una spia sovietica, ma che la moglie Ethel fu condannata solo per fare pressione sul marito, e accusata dal fratello per proteggere sua moglie.
Throughout the Second World War the Allies managed to unite 
In a broad front against fascism, but once they won this fight 
The ruling class convened, with McCarthy in the lead 
To make sure the people got in line, to be sure they all took heed 
To make sure they understood our new enemies 
Were not the Japanese or Germans, but the Russians and Chinese 
And all those who supported them – the enemy within 
Such as all the communists, and any of their kin 
So says the ghost of Ethel Rosenberg 

There was a war on in Korea, with untold thousands dead 
On one side the USA – on the other side, the reds 
The Russians got the bomb – there must be someone to blame 
And their siblings and their spouses must be in on the game 
Against one man they had evidence – but nothing on his wife 
They'd arrest her anyway, and threaten to take her life 
To try to make her husband snitch on someone up the chain 
To instill the fear of the committee's terroristic reign 
So says the ghost of Ethel Rosenberg 

Watch out for your neighbors – be careful who you know 
Or you might be called to testify – you might have to go 
In front of the committee, where it will be assumed 
You're guilty as charged by every juror in the room 
You can join the blacklist or watch out for what you say 
Beware of who you talk to or you might also see the day 
When you're called to Congress, to be questioned by the ones 
With the power to decide if you should be taken from your sons 
So says the ghost of Ethel Rosenberg

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