Ziggy Marley
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Ziggy Marley (2016)

Ziggy Marley
Verily I say amen, amen. Verily I say amen, amen.

Who will profit without shame, those who profit from human pain.
Now let peace be your profit, and let love be your saint.
To keep the monsters’ belly filled, many of my people are killed.
There is a thirst that must be quenched, for the hearts of the broken.

Verily I say amen, amen. verily I say amen, amen.

How much is that black soul? How deep is that black hole?
Don’t let money be your master, freedom for the modern slave.
I’m giving out the thorn with the rose, oh let all the people bemoan.
It feels like the end of the days, oh my God the devil will pay.

Verily I say, I’m building bridges. Amen, amen.
Verily I say, let Noah build the ark. Amen, amen.
Verily I say, bring the people together. Amen, amen.
Verily I say, thats what I’m living for. Amen, amen.

By the still waters we lay; in the green grass we play.
It cost to keep this world afraid, a price that we just cant pay.
To keep the monsters from the gates, we gonna pull together.
For the suffering to be saved, hey, we gonna to pull together!

Verily I say, time is now. Amen, amen.
Verily I say, it has begun. Amen, amen.
Verily I say and here I come.
Verily I say, I’m the first born son. Amen, amen.

15/8/2017 - 17:05

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