Floating Down

Cheap Trick
Lingua: Inglese

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We're All Alright!
Sometimes I'm falling down
Some days I hit the ground
My tail will turn around, you know
Nobody's helped me out
But myself, I couldn't see it, blinded by the light
Nobody helped me, no one to scold me now
Oh, nobody told me yesterday
Oh baby, here I am falling to the ground
Floating down, floating down

Lately I've become
So light, light as a feather so
No match, the weather, the weather
You lay down in a field of poppies but
Nobody told me that yesterday
No one could help me anyway
Oh, wish you could feed me for one day
And yes, you feel those tears come floating down
Floating down, floating down

Sand clouds and calming seas
Searching through the trees
And I'm counting all the weeks 'til she
She comes floating down with your dreams
Hoping and praying she has come for me
Oh please, how lovely it would be
Oh if I could get up, I would tell the world
But somehow I've fallen down in this town
Floating down, floating down

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