Hunger Strike/Harmony

Lingua: Inglese

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Canzone dei Tossers che parla di Bobby Sands e della sua morte per fame dopo 66 giorni di sciopero. Non sono riuscito a trovare se il recitativo sia uno scritto di Sands. Anche il titolo dell'album richiama la morte di Bobby Sands, morto il 5 maggio.
When I was a child I would lie in the green
And look up to the sky
Pondering how our gravity held us from floating
Into nothingness to die
Into nothingness to die, shit
Then where did I come from

Does god really exist, does heaven exist
Or am I the only one
Am I the only one
A product of earth and sea
No matter what the answer my god
There's such a little time here for me

They've faced us with their tanks
They've faced us with their guns
They've faced us with their war
Our musicians tell them every day
We don't want this anymore

Men will fight for many things
And many men will die
And some have only a voice to speak
And here alone stand I

Everyone we've hurt, and everyone that's been
We will all be together at the end
Oh if we had the sight, oh if we could have seen

Where the swans are on the pond again, the flowers are back in bloom. No longer will I look for peace in antrim or in taum. I will cherish every skyline, every second of my true loves time Now my love my roving days are over

And if this time must end then its by goodness it must end. I've never been so lucky with a lover or a friend
Where our words they will not smite, and we'll spend our time as friends. Where it will be how it should have been, how all good dreams should end. I will cherish every skyline, every ticking of the clocks time. And now I know my roving days are over

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