Song for a Refugee

David Rovics
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Punk Baroque


There's this concept that has been talked about so much in so many different contexts that it seems to have been rendered meaningless. But it's not. Humans should have rights -- because they are human, no matter where on Earth they happen to find themselves, regardless of citizenship or lack thereof.
David Rovics
I breathe the air that you do
I drink the water just like you
I eat the fruits of this land
I hold the apple in my hand

I am

I feel the rain fall on my face
Like the rest of the human race
I hold my baby tightly when he cries
I see him when I look into his eyes

When I walk for miles in the summer heat
Like you, I get blisters on my feet
When I cut myself, with blood I will perspire
When I try to climb over the wire

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